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Hi, I’m watercolor artist Ellen Negley, and what I love best about creating tropical art is how colorful and exciting it is. The city where I was born and raised —Peoria, Illinois — is not exactly awash in color, and for that reason, I was very happy to move to South Florida where I can indulge my passion for tropical colors. I believe Key West is one of the most inspirational places a watercolor artist like myself will ever have the pleasure of painting.

South Florida overflows with tropical colors, and I love to use my creative license as a watercolor painter to make my Key West paintings even bolder and brighter with rainbow palm trees and sunset skies full of pinks, purples, reds and yellows.

As a local artist and admirer of Key West’s languid beauty, I never get tired of this tropical heaven. Like Monet and his stacks of wheat, I feel like you can paint the same scene dozens of times in different lights and it’s bound to look unique each time.

This is one reason I favor watercolor art over other media — for me, watercolor is the perfect medium to create tropical art.

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